International Symposium of Music Education and Didactic Materials, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain 24&25 January 2019

CCRSM and the Early Childhood Music Education and Musical Childhoods Mediterranean Forum collaborate with the IARTEM (International Association for Research on Textbooks and Educational Media) Music Group and the STELLAE Research Group (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela) for the International Symposium of Music Education and Didactic Materials, University of Santiago di Compostela, Spain 24&25 January 2019.

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Mediterranean Forum on Early Childhood Music Education and Musical Childhoods, Cultural Centre European University Cyprus, 20-22 April 2018

The Centre’s Mediterranean Forum of Early Childhood Music Education inaugurates in April 2018

its biennial Conference on Early Childhood Music Education in the Mediterranean inviting music

scholars from Europe and around the Mediterranean region and beyond, with strong interests in

Mediterranean rich musical heritage, the young child, early childhood music teaching and learning

in Mediterranean countries, evaluation of music teaching and learning and teacher training and

preparation. The Mediterranean Forum of Early Childhood Music Education activities aim in

raising early childhood music education (=ECME) to the status of a professional specialized subject

in early childhood education and care in the Mediterranean region and internationally and in

improving the quality of music teaching and learning for young children.

Academic Chair 2018
Professor Donna Brink Fox, PhD
Senior Associate Dean of Academic and Student Affairs
Eisenhart Professor of Music Education
Director, ECMS Early Childhood Music Program
Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester, USA


Dr Avra Pieridou Skoutella, PhD

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International Conference of the IMS Regional Association for the Study of Music of the Balkans, 6-10 September 2017

The Music Program of the Department of Arts, European University Cyprus, in collaboration with the IMS Regional Association for the Study of Music of the Balkans and with the support of the Cyprus Centre for the Research and Study of Music (C.C.R.S.M.) announced an International Musicological Conference on the subject Modus-Modi-Modality.  The conference took place at European University Cyprus, on 6-10 September 2017.

The purpose of the International Musicological Conference is to promote interaction, research, discussion and intercultural dialogue among musicologists from Cyprus, Greece, the Balkans, the broader Mediterranean region and other countries with an interest in the diverse thematic axes of the conference, emphasizing concepts and parameters such as tradition, identity, diversity, new trends, musical cultures as perceived through a geographical and chronological spectrum ranging from ancient Greek music, to Byzantine music  and the musical avant-garde in the Mediterranean, Balkans and wider region.

Final Conference on Early Childhood Music Education in the Mediterranean, University of Cyprus, 16-17 April 2016

MusiChild Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Conference will disseminate the results of the work of MusiChild project (2014-2016) regarding Early Childhood Music Education in the Mediterranean, policies, curricula and practice; Interculturality and early childhood music education; young children’s musicality; Evaluation of music learning and teaching; and teachers’ preparation and graduate training. The dissemination activities will include lectures, workshops, and symposiums from scholars and practitioners from Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain and Israel as well as presentations from the MusiChild course trainees. 

In addition, a limited number of additional presentations will be included upon acceptance of their 500-words abstract submission on topics related to the Conference themes. 

The Conference participation/attendance is free to participants/attendees from Cyprus and elsewhere outside the MusiChild Consortium. There will be a direct translation from English to Greek and vice versa. 

Coffee breaks snacks will be offered for free as well as a Conference package to each participant. The Conference lunches will be offered at the Conference venue at very special prices. The cost of the Conference dinner will be paid by each Conference participant (optional). 

Important dates: 
December 30th 2015: deadline for abstract submission
February 20th 2015: deadline for abstract acceptance
March 15th 2016: deadline for registration for Conference participation/attendance

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